Protect Women, Protect Children, Protect the Nation

Women and Children are the first victims of war and conflicts in DR Congo.

Fondation Chirezi is dedicated to provide health and education services to orphan children and economic empowerment to women especially those victims of sexual violence.

Also, through community Baraza and Community Peace courts, we we offer them competences to resolve peacefully their conflicts and human rights abuses and to participate in monitoring of reconstruction development projects to the satisfaction donors, implementing agencies and beneficiaries against corruption and lack of transparency.

FOCHI is now active in community reintegration of ex combattants by giving them opportunities to do livelihood activities such as brick making, soap making, agriculture in order to build durable peace, stop community violences, saving lives and healing their own communities. If we are helping these children, women and communities, you can also join us and act now !

Remember, with three dollars a month, you can provide quality education to an orphan, a vulnerable children or an ex child soldier.

With Peace Direct, FOCHI promote sustainable peace in local communities, through the creation of the Baraza.


Main activities:

-Resolutions of conflicts;

-The creation of 3 new baraza

Gender ; Women's Baraza
-Organise women in the community  activities;
-Prepare women for their  self empowment;
-Train women in Human Rights;
-Give opportinity to women to express to the radio.

Chirezi Foundation works with TIRI: Integrity in Action in promoting integrity and transparency in the implementation of community projects.


Main activities:

-Monitoring of community projects;

-Involvement of women in community activities;

-Use of the Radio Club in monitoring.